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Colchester Neighborhood FarmColchester Farm: Working on the farm photo

Colchester Neighborhood Farm, an 8-acre Baystate Certified Organic Farm is also a National Bicentennial Farm as sanctioned by the state of Massachusetts. This designation means that Colchester Neighborhood Farm has been owned by the same family (the Barrow family) for the past 200 years. In January 2012, New England Village signed a lease to assume operation of Colchester Neighborhood Farm. This partnership will provide many exciting opportunities to New England Village, Colchester Neighborhood Farm and supporters of both programs.

(Including Lifetime Members)

  • · · ·
  • Gail Biggar
  • Peter & Linda Braun
  • Bryan & Robin Efron
  • Elaine Sollar &
    Edwin Roy Eisen
  • Hans J. Luwald
  • Jacqueline MacMillan
  • Bob & Sabrina Nicholson
  • Barry & Carol Sheingold
  • The Sollar Foundation
  • Channing &
    Whitney-Ray Dawson
  • Stephen & Ellen Burbank
  • Caroline Wells
  • Diana M. Reisen
  • Alan & Elaine Gifford
  • Antoinette LaSalle
  • Clare McGowan
  • Stephen & Mary Quintin
  • The Ray Family

New England Village

It is the mission of New England Village to enable adults living with intellectual disabilities to experience dignified, enriching lives as part of a dynamic, supportive campus community and through participation in meaningful day programming.

New England Village decided to pursue a venture into the farming industry in response to the decline in statewide manufacturing jobs that had previously provided work for its employment program. The Village also operates a cleaning and landscaping business.

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