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Useful Links

Following are some useful links on Organic Farming and Community Supported Agriculture. Don't see what you are looking for? Let us know and we'll dig it up!

Northeast Organic Farming Association

NOFA/MASS is the Massachusetts chapter of the Northeast Farming Association. NOFA/MASS welcomes everyone who cares about food, where it comes from and how it is grown.

When we first began the process of certifying our blueberries as organically grown in 1985, there were not many other certified organic blueberries in New England. We discovered NOFA as the certifiers. They’ve changed their focus to outreach and education about organic farming. Please visit their website

Massachusetts Department of Agricultural Resources

The Massachusetts Department of Agricultural Resources' mission is to support, promote and enhance the long-term viability of Massachusetts agriculture with the aim of helping this state’s agricultural businesses become as economically and environmentally sound as possible. By so doing, it is hoped that our farmers will continue to support and maintain thousands of acres of valuable open space for the benefit of the state’s economy and environment. The Department’s divisions and bureaus are working to fulfill this mission through a variety of initiatives and programs. Please visit their website at

Bay State Organics

Bay State Organics now certifies organic farms. Learn more about them at

Southeastern Massachusetts Agricultural Partnership

Southeastern Massachusetts has a rich and diverse heritage of farming, with agricultural enterprises that range from dairy to vineyards to orchards, specialty herbs, and shellfish farms. These agricultural and aquaculture operations are increasingly challenged by the region’s rapid growth and suburbanization, and by market factors that make it difficult to keep farming profitably.

In 1998, a network of educational & nonprofit organizations and service providers formed the. SEMAP was a creation of necessity, as there was a void in our part of the commonwealth. SEMAP became the organization providing a comprehensive source to help the region’s farmers and aquaculture operators navigate the many agencies and organizations that provide support and resources to farming operations in the region. Please visit their website at